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Branding & Social Media

Social Media has become so very important to most companies now and as its importance grows so does the need to add it to our marketing strategy. It is no longer optional that we have an effective social media presence, it is quickly becoming mandatory.  So when we decide to jump into those social media waters there are somethings that we must remember in order to be as effective as possible.


Branding a company is a HUGE part of any business but one that we tend to not pay close attention to when we set up our social media presence. I would venture to say that Branding is a MORE important part of a Social Media campaign because sometimes social media is the only presence a client or potential client will see before they decide to do business with you. Long gone are the days that a face to face meeting is mandatory. Now, more times than not a person will see your social media presence before they meet you in person. There are times when a face to face meeting is not even an option. This is why effectively branding your social media presence is so very important.


Think of branding your social media presence like wearing your best suit for a job interview.  Take a look at the short video I created about effective branding.

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2 Responses to The Importance Of #Branding: How To Rock Your #SocialMedia BRAND w/ Video

  • andrewstark says:

    Hi Anise, it was great to see this consistency across all your sites, video is the perfect medium to show this sort of content. Kind of suggests that I should have a logo if I want to have a brand!

    • Anise Smith says:

      Hi Andrew!

      Thanks so much for taking time to read and comment!   Yes, you are totally right, video is a great medium for this and anytime you want readers to get a visual impact. The decision to get a logo would never be a bad thing. If you decide to do so, make sure its unique and fits the image in which you’d like to present. Then create your brand around your logo. I have never once regretted moving forward with a logo for my brand.  Thanks again!

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