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I am a bit of an early adopter of social media channels as is most people in my social media circles.  I grew up with the philosphy of the early bird gets the worm and I’ve extended that into my adoption of social media channels. I must say that it seems to be very effective and is really working for my social media strategy.


There is a growing list of platforms to try and to be a part of. It can be overwhelming making a selection of which one to try. I created a blog post on the 12 platforms that we all need to be rocking for 2012 and I really believe that these platform should be a part of any successful social media strategy.


One of the things that I’ve heard after creating that post and in general is how overwhelmed people are by the amount of platforms that are constantly being pushed at them. As an early adopter of lots of the technology platforms, I am definitely on board with trying them all out. As with anything, some platforms will stick and some will not. Ultimately we have to stick with the platforms that fit the needs of our social media goal. I don’t think we should short change ourselves and our social media strategy by minimizing any platform because we can not squeeze another social media channel into our day.


A few that you CAN’T overlook and the reason why:

  • Facebook has 900 millions users and people share content at an alarming speed if it’s good content. Also, the thought of having the potential to reach just a percentage of those 900 million users at any level is good business.
  • Twitter has 500 million users and allows users to strategically focus on  content by way of #(hashtag) used to promote specific all all within 140 characters. Twitter is a GREAT sharing platform. It allows you to engage your followers while becoming an authority in your area by providing useful and relevant content.
  • Google plus has 100 million users and is growing at a fast rate of speed in comparison to some other social media channels. The demographic is different than Facebook and we should think of this as an exceptional product created by Google which is a driving force behind what we know as the Internet. Any product that Google is connected with is usually huge. That it is connected with Google is reason enough to explore it thoroughly and not minimize its importance. Additionally exposure to up to 100 million users is not too bad.
  • Pinterest has over 10 Million users and is a visual content driven platform. Photo and visual content is a growing avenue in digital marketing and can be used to drive traffic from these platforms to blogs and websites. Visual marketing is the next biggest thing.
  • StumbleUpon has 10 million users and is one of the most overlooked social sharing and bookmarking platforms online but is also a HUGE channel to drive traffic.
  • Tumblr has over 39 millions users and is one of the most popular microblogging platforms out there.
  • WordPress is THE most powerful blogging platform on the market because of its ability to incorporate easy to use plugins and very powerful add-ons. Additionally, Google loves WordPress blogs.
These platforms are MUST HAVE’S for anyone involved with brand and or company promotion by way of social Media



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