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Social Media has become HUGE within the past few years, it has really grown at a mind boggling rate of speed. People that are heavily involved with this technology have to make a daily effort to keep up with some of the changes that have taken place. This is very exciting to those that are really very involved with technology. We all thrive from the changes and are more than ready to jump into the newest, latest and hottest beta platform to try out. This is amazing for people that thrive on this kind of thing but for businesses this could really be a huge challenge.


When thinking about marketing by way of online channels,  companies should look beyond JUST Social Media although Social Media should be a start. There needs to be a plan to analyze all aspects of Internet Marketing, the benefits to an organization and expanding beyond just Facebook  and Twitter.



In this era of such growth in marketing by way of online methods there needs to be an inclusion of a variety of online methods in order to compete with ones competitors.   This has become especially important because traditional marketing has changed due to the growth of online marketing.


Take a look at the image above to give you an idea of why you should not limit your company to JUST Social Media. I am not knocking Social Media by any stretch because I think social media is awesome.  I am just thinking, why limit your company exposure to Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels when you can extend your reach so much beyond  those channels. This creates limitless opportunities of exposure for your company.  Think about this, when marketing your company by way of traditional media are you minimizing your efforts? Why do so with social media? Expand your social media efforts to Internet Marketing, it will only benefit your organization.



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