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Visual Elements Social Media
Social Media has so many channels, platforms and tools that it is almost overwhelming when preparing a social media strategy, which options you should include.   We should of course focus on the channels that best fit the needs of our brands but with so many how do you decide which channels are necessary and which are not.


I think there should always be the mainstay channels like, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These channels should be the backbone of most social media strategies because they are the most popular and have the most traffic with the exception of Google+ which is in a bit of a different category. Google+ will be pretty big in the new Social Search element of Internet Marketing.


Moving beyond standard channels there should definitely be an inclusion of a few visual social media platforms because people by nature are very visual.  People love pictures and video offline and that remains true online as well, so it is very important to include visual elements in your social media channel.


  • YouTube:  Video is huge and should be the first element included in  social media strategy. Create a Youtube channel, customize it with your brand and start adding videos. I would be great to use a 60 second commercial as the feature video of your channel and then add others as you see fit. Learning how to create videos is a great skill to have and can only be good for business because you can create tutorials, videos about your business and more. These videos can be shared to your Facebook Page, on Twitter, your blog and other social media channels.   Also, Youtube video is indexed by Google so it will aid in exposure for your brand.
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  • Slideshare:Everyone has created a presentation or two for company meetings.  Use Slideshare to share these presentations online and also add value to some of your blog posts by incorporating these presentations.
  • Flickr: Is a great channel to host and share photos. You could add photos of company events, blog images and more. You can also chose how you’d like to share these images with others.
  • Pinterest:  Is the newest and is being labeled one of the hottest image sharing social media platforms out there. I suggest you start pinning as well. It is fun and offers a great opportunity to promote your brand through images.


What’s really great about all of these channels are that they offer an opportunity to increase brand awareness by way of visual medium. It also allows people to see beyond just your company written word and it offers a peak into your company to give a better understanding of what your company is about and your company capabilities.


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2 Responses to Add These 4 Visual Elements To Your Social Media Strategy Now

  • Erica Stacey says:

    This is a helpful article, Pinterest has definitely grabbed a lot of attention lately and I think having a visual element always makes blog-posts/social media channels more interactive.

    • AniseSmithInfo says:

      Hi Erica!

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment! Pinterest is really booming now! I agree 100%, I will take time to read a blog if it has a picture, video or another visual element.

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