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Daily Archives: February 21, 2012

4 Steps To Brand Timeline Launch


I am a huge advocate of Timeline so I am excited to see what will be done with Timeline for Brands. I created a post about things you should do before you go to Timeline for your personal page so I thought I would do the same for Timeline for your Brand.


  • Get Your Timeline Photo Ready: This is one of the most exciting things about Facebook Timeline. The 850 x 314 huge space in which to market your brand.  You can easily create an amazing Timeline for your brand by using a Free Graphics Kit provided by Joshua Bevan at Facebook Graphics.  Take a look at the image that Joshua created for my personal page and for the image I just created for my brand using this kit.  Also watch the easy to follow video, it will give you easy steps for creating your cover image using Photoshop.
  • Brand Events: Timeline has an amazing area in which to create events. This can be huge for your company brand, so if you have company events that were very important this gives you an opportunity to showcase those events. I am creating a list of events that were of importance to my company so that I can focus on those in my Brand Timeline
  • Prep Your Apps:  There is alway  disruption in how apps will display when Facebook changes pages. As of now we really don’t know how iframe apps and others will display on the new Timeline. So if you’ve created apps you should have some back up plan to address the apps before Timeline is implemented. If they display anything similar to Timeline for personal pages, they may show up in your brand timeline like apps Spotify and Pinterest.
  • Ride The Wave:  Now would be a great time to tie your personal page with your business page for optimal exposure. This could be especially awesome if you have not adopted Timeline for your personal page yet. You could create personal and brand Timeline photos that complement each other.   See Below.


Try not to view this as a negative change but as a great opportunity to market your brand. Ok Get to it!


New Brand Timeline Image


Personal Timeline Image



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